We specialize in vegan treats that taste incredible, although we love baking with dairy as well. We can also avoid soy, except where vegan cream cheese is involved.

There are about a zillion cake combinations, but here are some of the cakes we have created in the past, to the delight of our customers:

Plain Jane
Delicious white cake with buttercream frosting. Traditional and delicious, and available as a vegan cake, or as a butter-filled delight.

Mix it up
Want to enhance the flavor of your white cake a bit? Try lemon filling. Or some lime curd filling. Blueberry filling is ridiculously tasty as well.

Strawberry Lemonade
Just as it sounds, lemon cake and a lemon cream cheese frosting with strawberry filling. You could skip the strawberry filling and substitute a strawberry buttercream. Or, mix it up with raspberry filling. So refreshing. Again, delicious as a vegan cake, but you don’t have to go that route.

Cake Chelan
This tropical cake was created for a dear friend, but I think you will absolutely love it as well. White cake with lime curd filling and a coconut meringue frosting, covered with toasted coconut. It’s creamy and delicious! (And veganizable if you want to swap the meringue frosting for a coconut buttercream!)

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting
Because this is some people’s favorite, I’ve made a simple yellow cake with a rich chocolate frosting that is creamy and delightful. You could make it even more rich by adding a chocolate ganache filling, which is highly recommended.

German Chocolate Cake
Vegan or not – either way it’s gooey, delicious, and pretty in that german chocolate cake kind of way.

Chocolate Mint
Who doesn’t like the chocolate mint combo!? This chocolate cake is filled with a mint cream and frosted with an intense chocolate frosting. Pass the milk!

Chocolate Raspberry
This is such a decadent combo. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and a fresh raspberry filling. Switch it up with a cherry filling and/or a vanilla buttercream frosting. Again, vegan or non-vegan options (but, frankly, no one would ever know it was vegan.)

Pumpkin Spice Cake
By far my favorite vegan treat, this moist and slightly spicy cake is absolutely incredible. With a maple cinnamon vegan cream cheese frosting, there is nothing better in the fall…or winter…or spring. Ok, anytime really. And it can be made with regular cream cheese if you would prefer.

Please contact us at kerissa[at] or via our contact page for more information about creating a cake combination that is perfect for you! We also make absolutely delicious cookies and candies. Ask us about them!