“I have been vegan since 1997 and have always been on the lookout for vegan baked goods. Though I have been thankful that there are more options now than  there were back in the 90s, I am often disappointed with what is out there on the market. Too often these vegan items are dry and quite tasteless (or if they do have any taste at all, it is masked by sugar). Not so with Kerissa’s cakes. Kerissa’s cakes are heavenly! They are moist, have the right amount of sugar, and just absolutely delicious. I have ordered many cakes from Kerissa and I have loved them all. She offers a wide variety of flavors as well and she is quite creative with presentation too. Most of my friends cannot believe that these cakes are vegan and my sisters and friends in California have even begged me to send them these cakes.”
– Katrina Z.

“Your work is AMAZING. That vegan cake was seriously to die for. I usually hate wedding cake, but went back for slice number two at the party.”
Chantal A.

“My fiancé and I have both been lucky enough to be treated to several different types of cake from Kerissa Bakes. Neither of us are even remotely vegan/dairy allergic, but we can, without hesitation, say that they’re our favorite cakes in the city. Do yourselves a favor and lay hands on one! (If we weren’t getting married out of state, our wedding desserts would definitely be coming from Kerissa Bakes.)”
– Chelan K.

“Kerissa’s [cakes] perfectly fuse the hemispheres of art and baking into a masterful dessert experience. I was given a [cake] as a birthday cake and was blown away (get it? – blow out the candles?) by her attention to detail. While most culinary art pieces merely dazzle visual senses, Kerissa makes every bit the effort on her artwork’s content as well as its composition. The guilt from cutting into such beauty is quickly alleviated by the scrumptious internal artwork on your taste buds.”
– Mark F.


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